Photos: Sierra Leone Countryside

When you leave Freetown and travel to the countryside you can see the real beauty of Sierra Leone. I took these photos between 2006 and 2013 while I was working in Kono District and traveling around the country. They were taken during both the rainy and dry seasons, so some […]

Sierra Leone War Stories 3: Teenage Guerilla

We interviewed “Joe” for our book in 2012 – some years ago, but it’s good to remember how the war affected people’s lives. Joe was around 13 years old in 1993 when he was captured by the RUF rebels. He was trained at Peyama Camp, near Tongo Field in Kenema […]

What Caused the Sierra Leone Civil War?

Koidu after the war   Starting with a common question – Did the mismanagement and corruption of the Siaka Stevens government cause the war?   Yes, in a way, but it’s actually more complicated. Siaka Stevens (and later Momoh) ruled the country from 1967 to 1992 with a corrupt one-party state. […]

Searching for Zogoda

We travel to find the site of the notorious and elusive rebel camp called “Zogoda”. BACKGROUND ON ZOGODA: The Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels first attacked Sierra Leone from Liberia in March 1991. Supported by Muammar Qaddafi of Libya and Charles Taylor of Liberia, the rebels moved quickly through the […]

Sierra Leone War Stories 2: Town Chief of Bomaru

Bomaru was the first town the rebels attacked when the war began in March 1991. In this narrative, the Town Chief of Bomaru, Chief Kallon, describes life under the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) rebels and the effects the war had on the townspeople. This narrative is the second in a […]

Sierra Leone: A Trip to Banana Island

In November 2018 I went with some friends to Banana Island, a little-visited island paradise located 25 miles from Freetown. Banana Island has both natural and historic attractions with friendly local people who are happy to show you around. BELOW: A beach on Banana Island early in the morning.   […]

Sierra Leone War Stories 1: Kabala to Freetown

Sierra Leone War Stories 1: Kabala to Freetown Co-author (of Sierra Leone: Inside the War) Bernard Moigula and I collected many stories about the war, traveling to every part of the country to find people who had experienced or taken part in major events of the war. We weren’t able […]

Sierra Leone: High Rates of Hepatitis B Infection

      Recent studies have revealed alarming rates of Hepatitis B infection among adults in Sierra Leone, with upwards of 18 to 20 percent testing positive. The following paper describes a recent study carried out at a mining camp in Moyamba District. The paper includes background on Hepatitis B, […]

Photos: Freetown, Sierra Leone

With all the problems in Sierra Leone it’s good to step back and take a look at the city of Freetown and its environs which are full of history and character. Freetown is situated at the top of a peninsula with water on three sides and a range of mountains […]

Photos of the old Cape Sierra Hotel

The original Cape Sierra Hotel was built in the late 60s and opened around 1970. Located at the north end of Lumley Beach, the hotel was very popular with visitors and with local people who had enough money to go there. With a bar, a basement nightclub, and a pool […]

Sierra Leone Maps

Sierra Leone Maps: Sierra Leone: Inside the War includes nine maps that show areas of fighting and movements of fighters. Most of the towns and villages mentioned in the text are included on the maps. Click on the map to enlarge and save (right click, “save image as”). Map 1: […]

Area of Combat

This map shows the three countries involved in the conflict and their capitals – Sierra Leone (Freetown), Liberia (Monrovia) and Guinea (Conakry). The arrows show the route of the first attacks into Sierra Leone from Liberia in 1991. The arrows to the north are the first attacks on Kailahun District, […]

Ebola in Kailahun District

  This photo was taken in Kailahun District near the town of Buedu where the RUF rebels had their headquarters. Kailahun District is located in the far east of the country bordering both Liberia and Guinea and was the site of the first RUF rebel attacks from Liberia in 1991. […]