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Searching for Zogoda

We travel to find the site of the notorious and elusive rebel camp called “Zogoda”. BACKGROUND ON ZOGODA: The Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels first attacked Sierra Leone from Liberia in March 1991. Supported by Muammar Qaddafi of Libya and Charles Taylor of Liberia, the rebels moved quickly through the […]

Sierra Leone War Stories 2: Town Chief of Bomaru

Bomaru was the first town the rebels attacked when the war began in March 1991. In this narrative, the Town Chief of Bomaru, Chief Kallon, describes life under the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) rebels and the effects the war had on the townspeople. This narrative is the second in a […]

Sierra Leone: A Trip to Banana Island

In November 2018 I went with some friends to Banana Island, a little-visited island paradise located 25 miles from Freetown. Banana Island has both natural and historic attractions with friendly local people who are happy to show you around. BELOW: A beach on Banana Island early in the morning.   […]