Ebola in Kailahun District

Buedu Scenery


This photo was taken in Kailahun District near the town of Buedu where the RUF rebels had their headquarters. Kailahun District is located in the far east of the country bordering both Liberia and Guinea and was the site of the first RUF rebel attacks from Liberia in 1991. The rebels controlled the upper part of the district for the entire war though there were many attempts to force them out, first from the army and later from the Civil Defense Forces and West African Coalition troops (ECOMOG). From Kailahun District the rebels spread through the country and eventually attacked Freetown in 1999. The dirt road in the picture is the main highway through the area and is similar to most roads in rural parts of the country.

Kailahun District is also the first place where Ebola spread into Sierra Leone from Guinea, and the district has had the highest number of cases in the country. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) made a great effort in Kailahun and other places to contain the disease, though mismanagement in the government and limited help from abroad allowed the disease to spread.

In its early stage Ebola struck the town of Daru in Kailahun District. Daru is the location of Moa Barracks where the rebels lost an important battle during the first year of the war, In 2014 the wife of the Paramount Chief of the Daru area attended a funeral and returned infected with Ebola. She passed the disease to a number of health care workers and other local people, and Daru became the site of one of the first major outbreaks that spread from the original source.

Photo: The Moa River at Daru

Moa River dry season