Sierra Leone Maps

Sierra Leone Maps: Sierra Leone: Inside the War includes nine maps that show areas of fighting and movements of fighters. Most of the towns and villages mentioned in the text are included on the maps. Click on the map to enlarge and save (right click, “save image as”).

Map 1: West Africa

Map 1

Map 2: Sierra Leone Provinces and Districts (with diamond mining areas)

Map 2

Map 3: Combat Area (Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea with route of first attacks)

Map 3

Map 4: Kenema and Kailahun Districts (with route of attacks into Kono District)

Map 4

Map 5: Kono District (with route of attacks on the district)

Map 5

Map 6: The South

Map 6

Map 7: The North

Map 7

Map 8: Freetown Peninsula (with route of retreat by AFRC/RUF from Freetown in 1998)

Map 8

Map 9: Freetown (with position of opposing forces at the climax of the January 1999 attack on the city)

Map 9